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How to Apply

Please send your resume, URL of your proudest creation and several social network profiles (GitHub / Google+ / Twitter ...) to:


    We will contact you within a week if your qualifications match the requirements of the position for which you applied and we have interest in your candidacy.

    We won't share your resumes with third party.


    Jobs at zenlogic

    zenlogic is a technology start-up based in Los Angeles. We move packets between the world for best and largest enterprises.

    We have been keeping looking for more talents to join this exciting adventure!

    Senior Python Developer

    Location: Shanghai / Los Angeles

    Job Summary

    • Design and implement feature of zenlogic Management Console
    • Provide tools support for operation automation

    Key Qualifications

    • At least 5 years experience in Linux / Unix server
    • At least 3 years experience in programming with Python
    • At least 3 years experience in MySQL / Redis
    • 1 year experience in git
    • Experience in large scale web applications (daily pageviews > 1M)


    • Daily user of Mac OS X or Ubuntu
    • Experience in Node.js
    • Experience in Nagios or other monitoring systems
    • Experience in OpenStack
    • Experience in Bootstrap / ZURB Foundation

    If you plan to apply for this position, please also include brief answers to these questions when you send resume:

    • What is the URL of your proudest creation?
    • If you're going to start a new web app project, which Python framework will you use? Why?
    • Have you ever worked with sales people? How do you think about that? What is your general expectation?
    • Have you ever involved in any open source project? What is the URL of your proudest commit?
    • Have you ever worked in start-up? Could you please talk about it a bit with us?

    Senior DNS Developer

    Location: Shanghai / Los Angeles

    Job Summary

    • Design and implement applications of DNS protocol
    • Define DNS part of API of zenlogic platform

    Key Qualifications

    • Familiar with DNS protocol
    • Familiar with related Internet protocols (BGP / TCP / HTTP)
    • Extensive experience in writing DNS applications with high performance programming languages like C / Node.js / Go...


    • Familiar with security products: Juniper / Huawei / Arbor
    • Experience in network and application security
    • Experience in anycast network

    This is a specific position. If DNS is your thing, come to work with us for great challenges and rewards!

    If you have ever worked with open source projects, please include links to your contributions in the email you will send to us.

    We're a fast growing start-up, if you think you can contribute with special experience, but you didn't find a position matches you on this page, welcome to write to us to introduce yourself